About ATC.com

About ATC.com I started All Things Comics.com to act as a data repository for all mass market and comic specialty shop items that have their roots in/strong ties to comic books. I didn’t start this website in order to get rich, and I highly doubt that it will even turn a profit. (Although don’t let me stop you from clicking on the vendor links!!). I started it because there’s nothing else like it out there on the web, and it’s something that I’m interested in. My goal is to form a community of comic book fans, where together we can build a database that will house useful information. While I’m not a full-time computer programmer, I do have enough training and skills that I can write new modules and expand on existing ones for this website. What does that mean? It means that I hate, Hate, HATE, static web pages. This entire website is database driven, and built using the WordPress architecture. WordPress in itself is constantly evolving, with a following of over 600,000 (as of 8/8/08) registered members! New modules and patches and updates and tweaks and everything else, come out every day.  Add that to my own custom modules and coding, and I think that we’ve got a recipe for success here.  Nothing is impossible.  Some things are difficult, but nothing is impossible. If you’ve got any ideas for improvement, comments or criticism, please let me know. I respond to each and every e-mail personally, because if you took time out of your life to comment about my web site, then the least that I can do is acknowledge it with a response. Thanks for stopping by!! -Greg